#1627: The Fear

Well, here we are.  Both major parties have their nominees and I think the nation is a little depressed about it’s choices.  An air of divisiveness is seeping in everywhere, and people are anxious and afraid.  In other words, this election is no fun at all.

You know what is fun?  This list of tunes.  I’m determined that no matter what direction we move in here in the States that I’m not gonna panic or let it overwhelm me.  All sorts of new and vintage tracks on deck to help out with that, including new releases from the Riding Easy and Beyond Beyond is Beyond imprints.

Fear is the mind killer, it’s said, so let’s rock out and drown out FEAR with NOISE.

Hang in there, we’re gonna be okay.

Full playlist below->Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

The Fear – Wet Brain
Emergency – Motorhead
Your World Will Hate This – Orange Goblin
Politics – The Damned
I’m Against It – The Ramones
Breakthrough – Atomic Rooster
Burning Down – SVVAMP
Time Gambler (Rodney) – Hard Stuff
Again & Again – Ouzo Bazooka
Hot Sand – Shocking Blue
Eat That Question – Frank Zappa
Lovesick Romeo – TWINS
It’s About Time – The Pandoras
Let Me See You Crying – James T. & the Workers
I Need Your Love So Bad – Johnny Robinson
Son Of Man (live) – The Be Colony
Concentration Waltz – My Education
Watch Your Step – The Rhythmic Six
No Reason – The Langaleers
Put The Clock Back On The Wall – The E Types
Ghosts – New Age Healers
Hate Street Dialogue – Rodriguez
Chrysalis – P. Legendre Raimbault & J.P. Decerf
We Built The Sun – Pussy
Heavens You Are – Buffalo Killers
What’s This I Hear? – Mogul Thrash
Cursed – Stuyedeyed
Nothin’s All I Got – The Falling Birds
War Song – Neil Young & Graham Nash
Someone’s Changing – Savage Resurrection
Put Your Finger In The Socket – Man…or Astro Man?
You’re Pushing Too Hard – The Seeds
Centennial – Heaters
The Fool On The Hill – Bud Shank
Into The Fire – Suck



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