#1622: Staring Into The Void

What a week it’s been in the world, with hatred and love at high stakes odds and so many people with something to say about it. When things get like this, the only way I know to work through it is with music and that’s the name of the game on today’s show.

Hopefully this mix helps with classic rock, psychedelic and soul to guide you aurally through the pitfalls of a heavy week. Times like this too many folks don’t take the time to look inside and examine their own light and dark sides. It’s scary, but “Stiff upper lip”, as they say.

Guest host Kurtis Powers from The Face in next week!

Full playlist below->Entrance of the Devil – Zior (intro)

Living Without You – Harry Nilsson
Find The Cost Of Freedom – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Staring Into The Void – The Red Plastic Buddha
Death Sound – Country Joe & the Fish
Victims Of The Darkness – Alan Toussaint
Gimme Some Truth – John Lennon
Promises – Monophonics
Murder Nights – Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats
 Thunderstrike – Adrien Younge
How To Disappear Completely – Radiohead
Did You See His Name? – The Kinks
It Hurts To Be Alone – Bob Marley
I Am Over Here – Eerie Wanda
There Is A War – Leonard Cohen
Guns, Guns, Guns – The Guess Who
House Burning Down – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Evil Death Roll – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Repent, Walpurgis – Procol Harum
Hard Times – The Greenhornes
My City Was Gone – The Pretenders
Gettin’ On’s Gettin’ Rough – Stained Glass
Change – T. Rex
Bring ‘em War – JuJu
Disconnected – 39th & the Nortons
Descent Into The Maelstrom – Radio Birdman
We’re All Gonna Die – The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
Stand Together (Live) – The Beastie Boys
Change For The World – Charles Bradley
Move Over – Soul Children
Feelin’ Bad – Spooky Tooth
Do You Believe In Magic – Nectar
Now I’m Here – Queen
I Feel Like Dynamite – King Floyd
Shouldn’t All The World Be Dancing? – Richie Havens
Peace On You – Mack Sigis Porter

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