OTRRH Redux: Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

Unfortunately I’m unable to be live in the BBOX studio this week!  Everything’s fine, it’s just one of those weekends where life catches up with birthday parties and unexpected workdays, you know the drill.

However, if you have to air a rerun this episode is well worth it.  At the end of 2015 I compiled the releases of my favorite label (and radio show) Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, and did an entire two hours exploring their output from the last three years.  It turned out as an awesome exploration of psychedelic fuzz, and this aired before this 2016’s releases from Eerie Wanda, Our Solar System, and the Myrrors.

So as long as we’re looking back let’s enjoy the trip through this great label’s output. If you like what you hear, check out all things BBiB (including their fantastic Jamscripition program) at BeyondBeyondIsBeyond.com

Full playlist and links to the bands below->

Zior – Entrance of the Devil (intro)

Sundays & Cybele – Almost Heaven
Heaters – Kamikaze
Jeffertitti’s Nile – The Day the Sky Fell
Montibus Communitas – The Pilgrim to the Source of Love and Life
The Entrance Band – Medicine
Devonian Gardens – Solar Shifting
Coke Weed – Dead Man Walking
Prince Rupert’s Drops – Dangerous Death Ray
Our Solar System – Merkurius
Worthless – Something Something
Annique Monet – Nowhere
The Myrrors – Arena Negra
Kikagaku Moyo – Smoke and Mirrors
Ancient Ocean – Blood Moon
New Electric Ride – In Chains
Heaters – Levitate Thigh
Midday Veil – Babel
Worthless – Freakout
Coke Weed – New Jive
Kikagaku Moyo – Streets of Calcutta
Jeffertitti’s Nile – Blue Spirit Blues
JJUUJJUU – Ancient’s Future
The Velcro Lewis Group – Inside My Cloud

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