#1617: Wild & Confused

In a world that seems turned upside down (*cough cough Trump cough cough*) the only thing that settles my mind is sweet soul, psychedelia and heavy classic riffs.

Don’t worry, we’re gonna make it. We will, guys. Just stick together.

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Full playlist below->Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Dejalo Sangrar (see what happens) – Guerra Despues de la Fiesta (the war after the party)
Senti l’ Estate Che Torna – Le Orme
Stare & Stare (live) – Curtis Mayfield
You & Your Folks, Me & My Folks – Funkadelic
Changing of the Guards – Bob Dylan
Out To The Stars – Kill West
Defector – Black Mountain 
Do You Feel It? – T.I.M.E.
Elephant Talk – King Crimson
Tell Me What It Is – Graham Central Station
Tommy The Cat – Primus
Sawdust Caesar – Leaf Hound
Politicians In My Eyes – Death
Finger – White Mystery
Social Phobia – Electric Citizen
Paranoia – Yesterday’s Children
Take It As It Comes – The Doors
Chokin’ On Your Spit (Karma) – Seratones
Wild & Confused – The Gumbo Ya Ya’s
They’re All Losers, Honey – Fanny Adams
Ocean Size – Jane’s Addiction
Can’t Be Too Long – Grand Funk Railroad
Profanity Prayers – Beck
Peculiar Hole In The Sky – The Easybeats
Red/Black – Sleepy Sun
Mushroom Clouds – Love
Isn’t It Strange – Sparrow
Frozen Warnings – Nico
Descending The Jagged Mountain – Prana Crafter
Good To Me As I Am To You – Aretha Franklin

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