#1612: Cadence & Cascade

Spring is fighting it’s way in this year, so on this rainy Saturday morning I started the show off with some soothing sounds that slowly built to raucous heights.

Get some slow burn with psychedelic soul and hard rock swagger with all the vintage goodness you’re used to, plus new tracks from Strange Majik, New Planet Trampoline, White Mystery and Black Mountain!

Tracklist below ->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Blood Moon – Ancient Ocean
Plain Gold Ring – Nina Simone
Cadence & Cascade – King Crimson
I Might Be Wrong – Radiohead
Playground Love – Air
Love’s Fatal Way – Sagittarius
Wild Mountain Honey – Steve Miller Band
Off The Rails – Dustin Lovelis
Everybody – Alan White
The Swingin’ Gate – Spanky & Our Gang
Old Times, Good Times – Stephen Stills
Pull The Trigger – Strange Majik
Just The Smile – Rory Gallagher
The Sun Is Shining – Bobby Boyd Congress
(break: Behind My Camel – The Police)
Best Friend – White Mystery
Paradise – Dr. Feelgood
Dark Ride – New Planet Trampoline
Violence – Mott The Hoople
Jupiter Liar – T. Rex
Tom Gemp – Orgasmo
Cockroach – Sweet
Freddie’s Dead – Fishbone
Somo – Sungrazer
Voice Of The Voiceless – Rage Against The Machine
I Can See Inside Your Head – Orang Utan
Back Of Your Mind – Nazz
Golden Age – Jeffertitti’s Nile
The Sound Wave’s Reversing – Man Or Astro Man?
Mothers Of The Sun – Black Mountain

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