#1611: I Want Your Body (feat. The Giraffes)

Oh, man, did I have fun hanging out with these guys.  A hard rock band that’s been on the NYC scene for nearly two decades, The Giraffes are known for their wild live shows and their unique, fast-and-furious studio offerings.  We played a few cuts from their influences (which are remarkably varied) and talked about the changing music scene in New York City and all the history they’ve been through together.  Watch out for hard riffs and salty language, it’s the goddamn Giraffes!


Full show:

Just the talky madness:

Due to tech difficulties I couldn’t videotape the whole interview, but here’s a peek:

Thanks for listening, playlist below ->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

A Kick Like That – Sons Of The Void
My Brother, The Man – We The People
Makes You Wanna Cry – Trapeze
Time For The Truth – The Jam
(break: Frustration – The Mamas & The Papas)
I Want Your Body – Tin House
Weight Of The World – Hydromedusa
Let It Grow – Iron Claw
Ivory – Dust
(break: Steal Softly Through Snow – Captain Beefheart)
19th Nervous Breakdown (live) – The Rolling Stones
Pollinate – Fuzz
Ms. Pinky – Frank Zappa
Endamus Finallamus – Tin House
The Border – The Giraffes
(interview with the Giraffes)
(Raqsed El Fada – Omar Khorshid)
(Yekermo Sew – Mulatu Astatqe)
Of This Transaction – The Giraffes
The Electrician – Scott Walker
The 15th – Wire
(interview with the Giraffes)
(You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up – The Brian Jonestown Massacre)
(In The Beginning Of Time – Our Solar System)
California Uber Alles – The Dead Kennedys
If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked – Betty Davis
Done – The Giraffes
(interview with The Giraffes)
(Sir – Erkin Koray)
(Sixth Side of the Pentagon – Dead Sea Apes)
The Red & The Black – Blue Oyster Cult
Silver Star – Tin House
(interview with the Giraffes)
(King Kong VI – Frank Zappa)
Product Placement Song – The Giraffes

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