#1610: Living, Breathing

There was just too much music this week, man. Fortunately the time opened up and here we are with 3 hours of hard vintage riffs, soaring psychedelic journeys and balls-to-the-wall rock and roll. Keep an ear out for new tracks from previous OTRRH guests Strange Majik and Mother Feather, a sneaky preview of a new release from Sunrise Ocean Bender, another toke from the new Mondo Drag, and nods to the legends Keith Emerson & George Martin who left this world in recent days. I promise you, this is one for the records books.

Tune in, turn on, trip out!  Full playlist here->

Hour 1:

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Boogie Van – Fu Manchu
Pictures Of Home – Deep Purple
Looking For A Decent Freedom – Hairy Chapter
Incendiary Procession – Mondo Drag
(break: Sock It My Way – Animated Egg)
Knife Edge – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
21st Century Schizoid Man – Suck
Young Man Blues – The Who
Listening To Leon – Strange Majik
I Want To Take You Higher – Sly & the Family Stone
World Of Pain – Cream
Words – Doves
I Found You – The Tops
Dirt – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
(break: Chorus For Leslie – Janko Nilovic)
Hour 2:
Movement IV (Encounter) – Mandrill
The Mourning Gong – Hey Colossus
Message To Mankind – Demon Fuzz
Looking At The Invisible Man – Dead Weather
Elevate Me Later – Pavement
Map – Flower Travellin’ Band
Eleanor Rigby (strings) – George Martin
(break: Queen St. Gang – Arzachel)
Cry Of Eugene – The Nice
Stairway to the Best Party in the Universe – Brian Jonestown Massacre
Sun King – The Beatles
So Much Tenderness – Günther Kaufmann
This Is Where I Belong – The Kinks
Real Life – Sunbeam Sound Machine
Searchin’ – The Flow
Cushion – Dead Horse
Jay Time – Hard Stuff
(break: Diamond Cutter of the Jagged Mountain – Prana Crafter)
Hour 3:
Broken Imaginary Time – Soundtrack of our Lives
Cherrystones – Eugene McDaniels
Gum Drop – Heaters
I’m The Slime – Frank Zappa
Backbiters & Syndicators – John Lee Hooker
Imposter Costume – The International Noise Conspiracy
It Happened – Paul Martin
Medulla – The Machine
Future/Now – The MC5
Living, Breathing – Mother Feather
Thing In E – Savage Resurrection
Johnny B. Goode – Jimi Hendrix
Psycho Daisies – The Yardbirds
Janie Jones – The Clash
(break: Rumble – The Flamin’ Groovies)
Bring It On Home – Led Zeppelin


  1. Great show, put my mind on overload!
    I’ve never heard of Flower Traveling Band, Sunbeam Sound Machine or Prana Crafter, great stuff!!

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