#1602: Real Cool Time

Trudged through a snowstorm to bring you a steaming slurry of hot hard rock to keep your blood moving. Lemmy’s dead, long live Lemmy.

Playlist below ->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Ballroom Blitz – The Damned
Please Don’t Touch – Motorhead & Girlschool
Orgone Accumulator – Hawkwind
The Dark Lord – Sam Gopal
I Don’t Need Your Kind – The Rockin’ Vickers
Ejection – Robert Calvert
Bite The Bullet – Motorhead
(break: Jam Stew – Deep Purple)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Baked
Lead Brains – Shady Francos
Desert Cult Ritual – Arrowhead
(break: We Did It Again – The Soft Machine)
Religion’s Dead – The Pretty Things
White Jacket – The Giraffes
Personal Gain – Tin House
S.O.S. – Earl Greyhound
(break: Foreplay/Long Time – Boston)
They Who Have Nothing – Clear Light
Wonderer – Sunbeam Sound Machine
Dandelion Seeds – July
Rverie – Steady Sun
(break: Acheron – Ache)
Treacle People – UFO
Here You Go Again – Ardent Polaris
Reflected – Alice Cooper
(break: Indian Thing – Shotgun Express)
Never Learn – Wedge
Devil’s Disciple – Coloured Balls
Danse Macabre – Purson
Look What The Wind Blew In – Thin Lizzy
Real Cool Time – The Stooges
Fast & Loose – Motorhead
Don’t Kill The Vibe – Ecstatic Vision
(break: The World Unites In A Massive Roar Of Approval – The Shift)
Cornucopia – Black Sabbath

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