#1541: Inside

After last week’s super-heavy Halloween show I needed a break from heavy metal, so this week’s a grab bag of vintage and modern soul, psychedelic, garage and a heavy nod to the film Velvet Goldmine at the beginning.  Dig in and get down!

Playlist below–>

(intro) Entrance of the Devil – Zior
Inside – Jobriath
Ladytron – Roxy Music
Queen Bitch – David Bowie
Ballad of Maxwell Demon – Shudder To Think
(break: Chooser & the Chosen One – Lou Reed)
Coronal – Dead Sea Apes
Maybe In A Dream – Sopwith Camel
Malin Kpon O – Orchestre Poly Rhythmo De Cotenou
These Are the J.B.s – The J.B.s
Break – Saul Williams
Silver Mist – Johnny Hawksworth
The Equaliser – Clinic
(break: Hidden Shadows – Herbie Hancock)
You Don’t Love Me Yet – Roky Erickson
Shimmer In Pale – The Falling Birds
I Wanna See My Baby – Chicken Shack
All Of My Life – The Picturebooks
(break: Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd)
I Don’t Want To – The Rubs
My New Love – Killer Kicks
So Cruel – Barbara & the Browns
Midnight To Six Man – The Pretty Things
The Truth Is No Words – The Music
(break: A Day In The Life – Les Demerie)
Journey To The Centre of the Mind – The Amboy Dukes
Never The Machine Forever – Soundgarden
Moulty – The Barbarians
No One – Jeffertitti’s Nile
(break: Pali Gap – Jimi Hendrix)
Trouble In Kind – The Dead Exs
So Cruel – Barbara & the Browns
Look What You’ve Done To Me – The Commodores
Don’t You Let Me Down – Jericho
(break: Groovin’ – Willie Mitchell)
Threshold – Beck
Let’s Loot the Supermarket – Mick Farren
Superlungs My Supergirl – Terry Reid
Dead On Time – Queen
(break: Advance AM – Warpig)
I Want Someone Badly – Jeff Buckley & Shudder To Think

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