#1538: Lost In The Future

What a crazy week! My own life got a little nuts, “Court Of The Crimson King” turned 45, and we lost Gail Zappa and Steve McKay of The Stooges. I needed some help to get my head straight, and so this set is all over the place to provide ample therapy for the addled mind.  New stuff from Cardinal Fuzz & Beyond Beyond is Beyond (of course) and plenty of vintage tracks to spread around as well.  Please your ears!  Playlist after the break:

…and for the Spreakerheads out there…

(intro) Entrance of the Devil – Zior

21st Century Schizoid Man (live) – King Crimson

(break: Marilyn F. Kennedy – Exmagma)
Golden Light – Holy Monitor
Tom Tom – The Creation
I Happen To Love You – The Electric Prunes
Raise – Fuzz
(break: Cupid’s Holding – The Alliance)
Lie To Me – Tom Waits
Black Snake Moan (live on WBCN) – Captain Beefheart
Smoke Beach – Kill West
Rock On – David Essex
(break: Spiralys – Daniela Casa)
That Time Of Year – Rhinoceros
Funky Duck – Vulfpeck
Give It Up – Curtis Mayfield
Lost In The Future – The Stooges
(break: Lady Linda – Mux Mool)
Reckoner – Radiohead
Friends – Barefoot Jerry
House Without Windows – Mighty Baby
White Coat – Dustin Lovelis
Imaginary Diseases – Frank Zappa
Make My Way – The Mooney Suzuki
The Beehive State – Harry Nilsson
Spinning Wheel Blues – Status Quo
(break: The Russians Are Coming – Val Bennett)
Shortest Night – Coke Weed
Believe Me – Marilyn Barbarin & the Soul Finders
Give It To Me – The Movements
Canarul – Phoenix
Geek U.S.A. – Smashing Pumpkins
(break: Symphonette – David Newman)
When There Is No Beginning, Middle Or End – Cathode Ray Eyes

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