Random Access Transmissions: TRANS1.00000.01.0

Very often I find vinyl records in stacks as I’m walking around Brooklyn.  The quantity, quality and condition vary each time but I always take whatever it is home.  The selection tends to be a lot of vintage folk, soundtracks and classical music.  Over the past 4 years I’ve probably gotten a hold of over 200 vinyl LPs this way.

After a while I started playing a game when I’d bring them home.  Pick one at random, put the needle down and listen to one, maybe two tracks and then on to the next album.  For a music hoarder like myself, it’s fun to force myself out of my comfort zone. There’s a certain thrill from not knowing what’s coming next, what jazz musicians call “the sound of surprise.”

So in the spirit of that game I created this show, “Random Access Transmissions.”  Consider it part of the Old Time Religion pantheon.  I added a fun little mythology in my head to provide a setting, but I’ll let you fill in your own.  All the selections were made from picking albums at random from my stack of curb-side finds.  Not everything here is the greatest in it’s genre, but I’ll be damned if you can guess, at any point, what’s coming next.

Best if listened to in the background; i.e. while doing dishes, walking along the High Line, or on the long train ride to Coney Island.


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