#1524: Love Is A Doggone Good Thing

What is it about summertime that brings out the wildness & weirdness in Americans?  These last weeks have seen some huge changes and controversies: The horrible shootings in SC & the continuing racial violence in the South surrounding that damned flag; the cloak & dagger feel surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership; the landmark ruling making marriage legal for LGBT Americans…if you’re not talking about civil rights this summer then you just aren’t paying attention.

…for the Spreaker peeps…

Independence Day’s looming at the end of the week. It seems wrong to not take time from fireworks displays and coolers of beer and think about how all that’s going on reflects on the definition of freedom in this country.  As I put the set together this week from my in-laws’ kitchen table in Florida I couldn’t help but try and sort it all out with my record collection.  It may come across as a bit of clumsy work, but I hope it gets the point across.

Special respect to the recently departed Chris Squire of Yes, and Happy Canada Day to all my northern friends but especially to my favorite import, Neil Young.

If you like the show, by the by, do me a solid and tell a friend.  Thanks for listening!


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