#1519: In My Time of Dyin’

B.B. King finally shuffled off the mortal coil this week, marking a pretty large landmark in the seemingly never-ending roundup of legendary musicians passing in the last year.  It almost seems like he was the last of the original great bluesmen, the youngest of an ancient breed.  Those great, huge voices weathered by hard living, praising the lord, or straight-up too much worry.

Blues music was huge across the South for years before it busted into the mainstream and gave birth to rock & roll, and of course once it made it’s way to England it was all over.  Blues was king for decades, and irreversibly set music and pop culture straight to where it is today.

So tonight, it’s a tribute to B.B. King in the form of some of his colleagues and musical offspring.  This set’s all about the blues; where it started, and where it went after.  Grab some whiskey, crank the volume up, and head out to the fire escape.  Bring your worry to bear on this sixty minutes right here.

…or, if you prefer, listen at Spreaker!


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