#1517: Throwback To Tomorrow Vol. 1

Over the past few years I’ve received a lot of messages, free records, and followers from modern labels and bands that cultivate a “throwback” sound.  These are artists that, while rooted in today, are hearkening back to the ’60s & ’70s with their music:  the instruments they use, the arrangements & styles, sometimes even the recording techniques and equipment.

I’ve always tried to wedge them into my shows along with the vintage fare you’re used to me spinning.  Unfortunately every time I’d give it a shot, it seemed forced, at least to me.

So this week I decided to try something new.  I scoured my collection and pulled together a selection of modern artists with vintage roots, tying them together in one tight hour.  If you like what you hear, go support them!   I’ve included links to their various sites in the playlist below.

If you like this episode, let me know!  If response is good, I’ll likely do it again every six weeks or so.  For now, enjoy the OTRRH Throwback to Tomorrow!

…or listen on Spreaker!

Want to discuss these bands and their influences throughout the week?
Hit me up at the OTRRH Twitter.

Special thanks to:
Sunrise Ocean Bender Records : Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records

(open: Hoy Es Como Ayer – Guerra Después de la Fiesta)

 Swallow The Sun – Devonian Gardens
Shut Me Out – Wolf & Cub
I Can’t Do It – 39th & the Nortons
(break: Hexx – E Gone)
Trespass – The Well
Daddy’s Shoes (feat. MC Eli Black) – Strange Majik
Synanon – Slow Season
(break: One Fret Beyond – Chef Menteur)
Levitate Thigh – The Heaters
Stolen Love – The Movements
Magus In The Valley – It’s Not Night: It’s Space
(break: Roll Away The Stones – Evening Fires)
Little Lily – The Dough Rollers
Find Yourself – Jacco Gardner
Heart Of Darkness – L.A. Witch
Enjoy Your Stay – Voodooland
(end: Klaymor The Wizard – White Mystery)

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