Why is OTRRH running a repeat this week?

I haven’t missed a show in 2 years.  I’ve always had a new show every week, but this week finally proved so crazy that I wasn’t able to get it done, folks.

Even though I use a lot of tracks taken from my own vinyl, I use my computer to organize and sort through everything and last week it crashed.  Hard.  My entire music collection, located on an external hard drive, was erased and I had to spend two days crossing my fingers that Data Rescue would be able to salvage some of it. It seems to have worked, but I’ll be damned if I’m plugging anything into this old computer.  So that slowed me down.

Add two sick kids to the mix.  That’ll put anyone behind.

This last one some of you may not know.  In an unexpected series of events I recently became the station manager at my home station, BBOXRadio.com out of Brooklyn, NY.  Over this past weekend we moved our studio to a new space and there were shenanigans on the part of the landlord, so most of my time over the last week was getting that sorted out.  Rewiring everything, getting a working radio station back online, training new hosts, making sure all the old hosts have access, all this along with the computer and kid situation kept me from getting the show put together this week.

So I ran a restream, but it’s a damn good one!  My brief history of punk, originally aired in October of 2013, going over the evolution of punk chronologically starting in 1965 and ending in the glory days of 1977.  The link is below, hope you enjoy it, and I’ll have a new live show for you next week!

Thanks for sticking with me!



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