#1507: Strange Majik interview

This episode my guest was David Pattillo aka Strange Majik. We chat about his new album “Lights On“, his other studio work, his hip-hop collaborations and SO MUCH MORE.  Seriously, this guy’s got a hand in so much musically it’s hard to keep track. Links and tracklist below->

Full show:

Just the Interview:

For those that want to keep up, here are the links you need to follow along:
For all things Strange Majik: Bang Bang Boogaloo

Follow Strange Majik on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Get the new album “Lights On” on Bandcamp and iTunes, stream it on Spotify.

Pre-order the album’s vinyl release (out Record Store Day, 4/18) on Plane Groovy.

Check out his NYC album collaborators: PhaseOne : Melanie Charles : Kennedy : Valerie Broussard : Eli Black : Fiona Silver

Listen to his blues outfit The Dead Exs.

Hear his latest work for artist session tv series Artist’s Den.

Explore how musicians influence each other on his website H1TCHR.

Oh yeah, and here’s the playlist from the episode!
Love On High – Strange Majik

—interview with Strange Majik—
(background tunes:**)
**Play With Me – Jeff Beck**
**Slow Blues – Vast Aire, Timbo King, Prodigal Sunn, & Byata**
**Righteousness – Merl Saunders**

Luv n’ Haight – Sly & the Family Stone
Good To Your Earhole – Funkadelic
The Dance Master – Willie Henderson

—more interview with Strange Majik—
**A Theme In Search – Eddie Drennon & the B.B.S. Unlimited**
**Softly Rolling – Robben Ford**
**The Flute Thing – The Blues Project**

Ball Of Confusion – The Temptations
Show Biz Blues – Fleetwood Mac
Sunshine Of Your Love – Rotary Connection

—even more interview with Strange Majik—
**St. Louis Blues – The Bintangs**
**Repeat After Me – The Three Sounds**

Lights On (feat Phase One & Melanie Charles) – Strange Majik


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