100th Episode! #1501 A Time & A Place

100 shows, man.

When I started the show I had a very specific vibe in mind.  In my younger days, two friends and I that played music together had a longstanding tradition that started when we were roommates and continued on down the years.  We would get some beer, some whiskey, or some smoke and sit around a record player for hours sharing old albums on vinyl.  (con’td ->) Some we’d bought, others we’d scored from our dads or uncles, but we almost always focused on the late ’60s and ’70s.  We got fucked up night after night and went on a journey of discovery.  When life carried us away from one another and I still wanted to share all of the great music I was finding, the seed for Old Time Religion Radio Hour was planted.

OTRRH main title alternate retro

One record that became almost a holy object to us back then was “The Court Of The Crimson King” by King Crimson.  I was, as usual, the last of us to hear it, but when I did it blew me away.  Amazing musicians, epic arrangements and more ambition than I’d heard on any record in my life.  We tried to emulate it in the music we played together (falling pretty short, of course) and the three of us were constantly trying to get everyone we could to listen to it.  And, c’mon, that album cover?  Legendary.


This show is dedicated to those two friends (seen below, #TBT style) and in celebration of 100 shows, let’s all gather around the player and give this beauty another spin.


It means a lot to me that you join me each week.  Here’s to 100 more hour-long journeys of discovery.


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